Monday, March 22, 2010

Fresh Music Monday or What I did with my Saturday Night!

I had a blast this weekend with Katy, so I thought it fitting that today's Fresh Music cover some of it. I went to the Cleveland International Film Festive for the first time. We caught the 5:00pm showing of In the Heat of the Night. Appearing in the middle of the film is the song Fowl Owl on the Prowl. It's a gem of a song written by Quincy Jones and with lyrics by Alan & Marilyn Bergman. The song’s performed by Boomer & Travis.

Boomer and Travis - Foul Owl
From the Film - In the Heat of the Night

The Hard Rock was the place to be on Saturday Night. We got some great dinner at Houlihan's and then found we had some time to kill. So we got dessert at the Hard Rock Cafe and stumbled apon their March on Stage concert series. Playing was a local band Out From Under. They had an energy about them that made us stay for the whole set.

Out From Under - Island Breeze

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Anonymous said...

I got to see it much fun!! I'm so glad we came across such a wonderful surprise.