Saturday, June 14, 2008

When Plants Attack

Welcome one and all to The George Show. This is the place for all things George. Today is Friday the 13th and what better way to celebrate it then with a movie. I went to see M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening. Traveling 7 miles, through all kinds of hardships like road construction, I made it to the theater. Only to find myself in 92 degree heat that baked my flesh. Oh the agony, I felt like I was about to stroke out at any moment as I walk to there. The good news is that I made it there a live, the bad news…….I’ll get to in a second. But first, what a great movie The Happening was. I thought it was a great concept to have the plants attacking us. I loved Shyamalan's homage to Hitchcock’s The Birds even though it was a deeply disturbing movie. If you are a fan of his other works, then go see it. If not please don’t. The bad news is that I wasn’t the only one who made it past the blazing inferno outside to the did two losers. It’s people like this that give dorks a bad name. I try to keep it together and not dork out too much in public. I have a wife to make me look respectable, but every now and then I can’t contain my dorkyness. But these people were just rude. Every time people died in the movie these two were laughing. Truthful I don’t know what was more disturbing; the movie or the fact that they were laughing at it. All I can say is that the plants were not working fast enough.

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