Sunday, June 29, 2008


Fun is our middle name and everyone knows it. Amy’s mom came down for crafting today. We also had a surprise visit from Liz and Chris. We said something about going to see WALL•E and getting food and they came running. I am the same way. Give me food and I’ll be your best friend or it will confuse me long enough to get what you want. So we all went to Mike’s Place in Kent. Mike’s Place is so cool that it has an X-Wing in the front parking lot. I would love to have an X-Wing in my front yard. Amy wouldn’t have it, but I think I can bribe her. Then it was on to my second favorite place in the world; the movie theater (the first being home with the wife). WALL•E was beautiful work of art. The creativity that flows from Pixar is truly wonderful to watch. I was enchanted from the opening cartoon to the end of the credits. The funny thing about it is that each year Amy watches the newest trailer and every year she says “I don’t know if this will be good”. After nine flawless films she now knows. I love to design of everything, especial EVE. Thomas Newman’s score was fantastic and if that wasn’t enough, the end titles are capped off with a song by Thomas Newman and Peter Gabriel. It was a great night and I look forward to next weekend. It’s the 4th of July and it’s another chance for me to try to take pictures of the firework only to have then not come out.

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The Cog said...

...great title for your post. Oh, and I wouldn't mind an x-wing in the front yard. Just make sure you wear on of those orange helmets while you pretend to attack the Death Star.