Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Amy and I just finished watching the latest film by Michel Gondry; Be Kind Rewind. All I can say is the man is a genius. There is so much heart in this movie that you cannot help but be moved by it. I recommend that everyone see it. The remade (sweded as it is called in the movie) scenes are outstanding. Be Kind Rewind was so good that I found myself smiling though the whole movie. And the ending is truly touching. It was a beautiful film. His movies live in a special world and I can see why people have a hard time understanding them. I remember reading horrible reviews for the film when it came out (not that I let them influence me). I am so glad that I saw something different then the people writing those reviews. My wife is so excited that her sleep shade thingy came today. She is the cutest.

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Elizabeth said...

I love the mask, it is so cute.... that will help during the day for sure.