Sunday, October 12, 2008

It Came From the Pumpkin Patch

That’s right; it’s my favorite time of the year. I love fall. And I love Halloween. It doesn’t really start until I pick out the pumpkins. They were all so beautiful this year that four had to come home with me and the wife. I am already coming up with ideas on how to carve them up. And the wife took lots of super cute pictures of herself. Then I went to the theater to see Blindness. It was a great movie; very disturbing. And I say disturbing because of what was going on it the film and what was happening in the theater. Some of the eight people that went to see it thought it was funny to laugh at the people affected with blindness. I was discussed. Coming to theaters next week is a very scary film called W. So tune in as Oliver Stone takes on his first horror movie.


Ana Campoz <33 said...

I'd love to visit your country!
I'm in love with it.
How is to live ther?

Mason Dixie said...

something sneaky in the way she is looking at the camera..........