Sunday, October 19, 2008

The 38 Locks: Part 3

For some time I have been trying to go on a bike ride with one of my friends. On Saturday we finally got that bike ride. We did 25 miles in three hours. 25 MILES and today I am feeling every one of them. We started in Peninsula and went all the way north to the Canal Visitor Center near Valley View (Lock 29 to Lock 38). It was a magnificent October day for it too. The trees were all kinds of beautiful. The Ohio Erie Canal Towpath was alive with all kinds of wildlife; from other bikers to woolly bears. I am thinking about training all winter long to get in to shape so I can bike the whole Towpath next year. After that we went to the wife’s job to leave sweetness for her to find when she came into work. She had a bad week and needed help to find her smile. We ended the day by going to see W. and all I can is wow.

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