Tuesday, September 23, 2008

30th Balloon A-Fair (1979-2008) or My 9:00am Wake-up Call

So this weekend was the 30th Balloon A-Fair in the town my wife and I call home. What fun! There is nothing in the world that can compare to the joy I felt when all the police and fire vehicles wake you up with their sirens. And what a parade it was.......and yet somehow it seemed less of what it has been in years past. After the grand parade, the wife and I go to the downtown area and get some food. While we are there, we say hello to one of our friends and I end up buying a pin. I always love to buy pins to mark the places or events I go to. Well this year’s pin said "30 Years of Magical Memories" and then it had the years 1979 and 2008 at the bottom. We want to know what magic they are using to come up with 30. Later on we went to go see the new Coen brothers’ movie Burn After Reading. It reminded us of their early films like Blood Simple and Fargo. It’s definitely worth a trip to the theater if you find yourself with nothing to do.
(By the way, I just had to include a picture of my wife and her hotness. All I can say is WOW!) (She is Beauty.)

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