Monday, February 8, 2010

Fresh Music Monday

Do you ever just get a song stuck in your head and can’t get it out? Well I know someone who has had the same song stuck in her head forever. The same song! If there is a moment where she has to think of something to hum; the go to song is always the theme to the Banana Splits. So after three months of me realizing that this was going on with her. I came to an even bigger revelation. I couldn’t shake the feeling of hearing it somewhere else in my life. Some other music was calling out to me. And then it hit me after three months of racking my brains….it was Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley. The theme to the Banana Splits was written for the The Banana Splits Adventure Hour that ran from September 7, 1968 to September 5, 1970. Buffalo Soldier was from Marley final recording sessions in 1980. So essentially Marley is quoting the chorus of the Banana Splits song (Tra La La) in the bridge of his own (Woy! Yoy! Yoy!).
If you have any good music that I have to hear, please share it with me.
Sharing music makes the world a better place.
As always...Enjoy!

The Banana Splits Theme
The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana)

Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier
Album - Confrontation

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